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HydraFacial Plus

What is HydraFacial Plus?

Revel Radiant Skin

HydraFacial Plus Treatment Ogden UT-Regeneration Health

HydraFacials will improve the appearance of your skin and restore skin health using a three-part regimen:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Infusing
  4. Targeted Add-ons
  5. LED light therapy

HydraFacial Plus is less abrasive to the skin than other treatments like microdermabrasion. HydraFacials will resurface the top layer of skin using water during the exfoliating process and restores moisture to the skin by infusing the skin with serums filled with antioxidants.

HydraFacial Plus includes targeted add-ons that will treat additional skin concerns like brown spots and lines. LED light therapy is also used for additional treatment of aesthetic needs.

Hydrafacial Providers in Ogden Utah-Regeneration Health

HydraFacial is For Everyone!

HydraFacial Plus is a safe, reliable treatment to restore health to your skin. HydraFacial can:

  • Restore tone and texture
  • Enhance elasticity and firmness
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treat brown spots
  • Close enlarged pores
  • Cleanse oily and congested skin

What to Expect from a HydraFacial Plus

Using patented technology, the HydraFacial device will resurface the skin. The water exfoliation process will break up skin tissues to remove dead skin cells by using a spiral suction tip to gently lift away dirt and dead skin cells. Following the water treatment, we do additional exfoliation peels to lift away dirt and oils trapped in the skin. Following exfoliation, we gently infuse the skin with serums designed to restore collagen growth and hydrate the skin. Compared to other treatments, HydraFacials are designed to provide a plumping appearance to the skin, by promoting lymphatic drainage and increased circulation.

Following treatment, patients can resume normal activities are there is no downtime. Patients will see immediate results following treatment. Most patients feel softer, smoother, and hydrated skin. We find that many patients see a decrease in noticeable lines and wrinkles due to HydraFacial treatments.

HydraFacial is for Everyone!

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