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Benefits of the High-Speed LightSheer® Duet

Enhanced Treatment Options with the High-Speed LightSheer® Quattro

The High-Speed LightSheer® Quattro is one of the most advanced lasers available on the market delivering:

  • Safety
  • Patient comfort
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Fewer treatment sessions

There are four different handpieces used for our laser including: LightSheer ER treatment head – this handpiece is used to reduce discomfort during treatment by delivering cooling during treatment, which helps to protect the skin. LightSheer HS treatment head – this handpiece is used for larger treatment areas and utilizes vacuum pressure, which reduces discomfort and can deeply penetrate into the hair follicles. LightSheer ET treatment head – this handpiece is used to treat small areas that require maximum precision. LightSheer XS treatment head – providing a solution for large and small areas requiring higher fluence levels.

Permanent Hair Removal

Effortless and Effective Hair Removal with the High-Speed LightSheer® Quattro

The High-Speed LightSheer® Quattro is a state-of-the-art diode laser, offering a faster, better treatment. This non-invasive laser will not damage skin and will solve your problematic unwanted hair concerns.

Laser Hair Removal Effects

Unlocking the Secrets of Lasting Smoothness: The Journey of Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth takes place in different phases which necessitates multiple visits for treatment. This approach is vital to ensure that we target hair when it's in the active growth (anagen) phase. Our Laser Hair Removal technique has been designed to specifically address these unique growth patterns, requiring about 4-6 sessions to effectively eliminate all the hair.

From the first session of our Laser treatment, patients can anticipate a 20-30% reduction in unwanted hair. As the treatments progress, remarkable improvement is typically notable, with an impressive 80-90% reduction in hair by the final visit. This significantly decreases the density of hair regrowth, promoting smoother and less hairy skin.

However, if patients notice the return of hair growth due to a hormonal imbalance, our office is well-equipped to help. We provide Hormone Replacement Therapy treatments designed to balance hormonal levels in your body. These treatments can effectively manage such imbalances that could be triggering unwanted hair growth, helping you not only look better but feel better too.

In summary, Our Laser Hair Removal technique, combined with our comprehensive approach to patient wellbeing, ensures a targeted, and personalised treatment plan. Reach out to our office today and let's navigate your journey to smoother, hair-free skin together.

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