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June 5, 2024

Laser preparation is key when you plan to undergo a laser treatment. This process might seem scary, but with the right steps, it can be safe and effective. Knowing what to do and avoid is very important before you get lasered.

This guide will help you get ready for your laser session. The goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible. Taking the time to prepare properly can lead to better results and a smoother recovery. Let's dive into how to prepare for your upcoming laser treatment.

Primer on Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process where a laser zaps your hair follicles. The laser light turns into heat when it hits your hair. This heat then damages the follicle, which stops new hair from growing. It's a popular way to reduce hair on your body and face. Many people choose it for its long-lasting results.

Laser preparation is the first step to a successful treatment. It ensures that your skin is ready for the laser and reduces the risk of side effects. When you prepare your skin well, the laser works better. So, what is laser prep all about? It includes staying out of the sun, not plucking or waxing, and shaving the area before your session.

If you follow these steps, the laser targets only the hair, not your skin. This focus helps to protect your skin and improve the laser's effectiveness. Skipping laser preparation can lead to problems. Your skin might get irritated, or the laser might not do its best job. Laser preparation is not just a suggestion; it's a must for great results.

Laser Preparation by shaving the beard.

Pre Laser Preparation Checklist: Dos and Don'ts

Getting ready for a laser treatment means following a simple set of rules. These dos and don'ts make up your laser preparation steps. They are easy to follow and help you get the most out of your laser session. Let's check what these measures are.


  1. Do shave the area: You should shave the treatment area 24 hours before. This helps the laser target the hair follicles directly.
  2. Do check your skin: Make sure your skin is free of irritation. If you have cuts or a rash, wait until they heal.
  3. Do wear sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun. Use sunscreen if you are going outside.
  4. Follow the instructions: Your laser technician might give you special tips. Always follow their advice.


  1. Don't tan: Avoid tanning beds and too much sunlight. Tanned skin can cause problems with the laser.
  2. Don't wax or pluck: These hair removal methods remove the follicle. The laser needs the follicle to target.
  3. Don't use certain products: Avoid creams and lotions that darken your skin. Also, skip deodorant if you're getting laser under your arms.
  4. Don't ignore discomfort: Tell your technician if your skin feels wrong after the prep.

Skin Care Regimen Before Laser Treatment

Proper skin care leads to great laser preparation. So, before your laser session, you need a good routine. This routine helps your skin handle the laser. Here's what you can do to ready your skin.

Skin Care Routine:

  1. Cleanse gently: Use a mild cleanser on your skin every day. Keep it simple and soft.
  2. Hydrate your skin: Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. It keeps your skin smooth.
  3. Protect from the sun: Use a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Reapply it as needed.

This routine helps your skin stay calm and ready for the laser.

Products and Practices to Avoid:

  1. No harsh exfoliants: Avoid scrubs or acids that peel your skin. They can make your skin too sensitive for the laser.
  2. Skip bleaching creams: Such creams can change skin color. The laser needs your natural skin tone to work best.
  3. Avoid certain medications: Some can affect your skin's reaction to the laser. Check with your doctor about what you should stop taking.
  4. Don't use retinoid products: Retinoids can cause your skin to peel, which is not good before a laser treatment.
  5. Stop using deodorants or perfumes: Don't apply these to the treatment area the day before your session.
Do not use deodorants for laser preparation.

What to Discuss with Your Laser Specialist

Talking to your laser specialist is crucial when getting ready for laser treatment. This talk is part of your laser preparation. Here are some key questions to ask and points to discuss.

Key Questions to Ask:

  1. "How should I prepare my skin?" Get specific advice on what to do or avoid before your session.
  2. "What results can I expect?" Knowing what the laser can and can't do sets the right expectations.
  3. "How many sessions will I need?" This helps you plan your time and budget.
  4. "What are the possible side effects?" Understanding risks lets you make an informed decision.

Communicating Your Concerns:

  • Talk about your skin type: Your specialist must know if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Discuss your medical history: Mention any medications you're taking. Some can affect how your skin reacts to the laser.
  • Share past experiences: If you’ve had laser treatment, tell them how your skin reacted.

Preparing From Within

Good nutrition and staying hydrated are key parts of laser preparation. What you eat and drink helps your skin get ready from the inside. Let's look at the best ways to prepare your body before getting lasered.


Eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Vegetables and fruits are great choices. They help your skin repair itself. Foods with vitamins C and E are especially good. They support skin health. Try to eat foods like oranges, spinach, and almonds.

Avoid spicy foods and too much caffeine. These can make your skin more sensitive. Also, cut down on sugar. It can slow down your skin's healing process.


Drink a lot of water. Hydrated skin responds better to laser treatment. Aim for at least eight glasses a day. You can also eat water-rich fruits like watermelon and cucumber.

Skip alcohol a few days before your session. Alcohol can dry out your skin. This makes the laser less effective.

Day-of-Procedure Preparations

Final laser preparation steps matter on the day of your laser session. Here's what to do and expect.

What to Wear

Wear loose, comfortable clothes. If the laser is for your legs, choose shorts. For underarms, wear a sleeveless top. Easy access to the treated area is key.

What to Expect

Expect to fill out some forms. Your specialist will clean the area, and they might mark your skin. You'll get special glasses to protect your eyes. The procedure might feel like quick snaps on your skin.

Wearing comfortable clothes for laser preparation.

Key Takeaways

As you prepare for laser treatment, thorough preparation is key. Follow your pre-treatment plan, avoid sun exposure, and trust in the hands of your qualified specialist. Embrace the journey toward radiant skin, knowing you've taken the steps to ensure a safe and effective treatment experience.

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