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October 1, 2021

Did you know your blood can slow your aging process? Vampire facials use your own blood to make you more youthful, like their namesake. Vampire facials and other vampire treatments have been on the rise over the past few years. People are intrigued by how they work and what they consist of. Here’s what you must know about vampire treatments.

They Do Indeed Use Your Blood

Vampire treatments utilize a process with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments to boost your body’s natural healing capabilities. Blood is drawn, and then the platelets are isolated from the blood by spinning it in a centrifuge. With a vampire facial, the PRP application is smoothed over your face and left there for a few minutes. With a vampire facelift or vampire breast lift, PRP is injected into the targeted areas. Since they use your blood, vampire treatments are a non-surgical, natural anti-aging treatment.

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How Does PRP Work?

Your blood platelets promote healing and growth in your body, which is why PRP works as an anti-aging treatment. PRP restores your cellular regeneration and growth by essentially tricking your body. The injection or application of PRP tricks your body into thinking that it’s been injured, causing it to regenerate new skin—younger, tighter-looking skin. It promotes cell growth, develops collagen, and creates new blood vessels and tissue because your body is trying to repair the skin from an injury that didn't happen.

Because they use your own blood in order to promote healing and youthfulness, these PRP treatments gained the name vampire treatments. 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Vampire Treatments?

Though vampire facials are the most commonly known kind of vampire treatment, you can also get a vampire facelift or a vampire breast lift.

Vampire Facials

Vampire facials are a natural way to restore the youthfulness of your face.


Vampire facials restore the shape of your face, boost the volume of your skin, and also improve the look of wrinkles, skin tone, and skin texture.

What To Expect

Vampire facials use PRP a little bit differently than vampire facelifts or vampire breast lifts do. Vampire facials start with a microdermabrasion treatment while the blood platelets are being separated. This is so that any dead skin cells are scrubbed away and it is easier for the PRP treatment to work on your skin. After that, the PRP treatment is spread over your face and left for a few minutes so that it can start the healing, rejuvenating process. Then, your skin is cleansed and covered with a treatment to assist the blood platelets in their healing process.

How Long It Takes To Work

Because of the nature of the treatment, it takes about 2 months in order to see any results from a vampire facial, but once you do, they will last for 1-2 years. Since the treatment does leave your skin raw and vulnerable, it’s recommended that you stay out of the sun for a few days afterwards. While unintentional, this is another way this facial is a ‘vampire’ one.

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Vampire Facelifts

Most facelifts use surgery to remove excess skin in order to lift a face beginning to show its age - not so with vampire facelifts. 


Vampire facelifts are a surgery-free way to improve sagging, wrinkling, greying skin, as well as restoring volume. If you want a natural, rejuvenating facelift, you may consider a vampire facelift.

What To Expect

Once you decide to have a vampire facelift, you’ll meet with experts to go over expectations. The PRP process is extracted as described above, but vampire facelifts are different than vampire facials. PRP is combined with dermal fillers to inject into the problem areas of your face, to sculpt and restore it. Because it’s blood platelets, it immediately sets to work. After the injections, a dermal treatment will be placed on your face to help rehydrate it and restore lost volume.

How Long It Takes To Work

The expected results of a vampire facelift are the same as a vampire facial. You can expect to start seeing results 2-3 months after treatment, and for them to last for 1-2 years. 

Regeneration Health-Vampire Breast Lift Provider in Ogden Utah

Vampire Breast Lifts

Just like vampire facelifts, vampire breast lifts are a surgery-free method to boost your breasts.


As we age, our breasts start to sag and show other signs of aging such as less sensitive or inverted nipples and discolored or crinkly skin. Vampire breast lifts both firm your breasts and can give you an extra cup size.

What To Expect

Like the other vampire treatments, vampire breast lifts use PRP. You’ll consult with your doctor about expected results and so that they can examine your current breasts. The PRP is extracted and a numbing cream is placed over your breasts. The doctor then uses microneedles to inject the PRP treatment into your breasts.

How Long It Takes To Work

Because this isn’t a surgery, you can go back to your normal life within hours of having a vampire breast lift done. The same as the other vampire treatments, you can expect results within 2-3 months after, and for them to last 1-2 years.

Would You Like A Vampire Facial Or Treatment?

Here at Regeneration Health Spa, we are certified practitioners of vampire treatments. If you would like more information about vampire facials, facelifts, or breast lists, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at Regeneration Health Spa today!

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