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December 1, 2021

People have been doing aesthetic procedures since the ancient days. Wanting to look beautiful, whatever that meant to their culture, is something that humans have desired for ages and that has persisted all over the world. In Ancient Egypt, people used milk and honey baths. Now, there are countless aesthetic procedures to help people achieve the look that they want, including medical aesthetics. 

What Do Medical Aesthetics Entail?

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Aesthetic procedures like chemical peels and facelifts and nose jobs are all fairly common knowledge in this day and age. When people hear the term ‘medical aesthetics’, they may assume that this is what that is referring to, but that’s not quite right. Medical aesthetics refers to any procedure that is meant to improve aesthetic/cosmetic appearances. It is the fusion of beauty and healthcare. Dermatology falls under the medical aesthetic umbrella, as do lip fillers, botox, skin-tightening, laser hair removal, and more.

Medical aestheticians focus on treatments that are meant to improve the appearance of your skin through minimally invasive procedures. Medical aesthetics are a step beyond your at-home face masks while being less invasive than standard cosmetic procedures. A typical facelift could leave you needing someone to care for you for a few days and a fair amount of time needed to heal. Medical aestheticians can do facelifts, like the vampire facelift, that are quick, far less invasive, and allow you to get back to your life. 

Medical aesthetics are thus more involved than some treatments, but they’re not on the same level as cosmetic surgery, because they don’t involve cutting into your skin, but rather utilize lasers and injections and other forms of technology and medical advancements to get to the root of your cosmetic concerns and resolve them quickly. With medical aesthetics, depending on the procedure, people can see results either instantly, within the following week, or after a few treatments. 

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Are Medical Aesthetics Legit?

Yes, medical aesthetics are a legitimate, professional practice and field. The vast majority of medical aesthetic treatments necessitate extensive training and knowledge to be done properly, which is why medical aestheticians are required to have professional certifications and to stay on top of new and developing techniques, so that they can best ensure successful, desired outcomes from their procedures. 

They need to have this training, because medical aesthetics involve highly advanced treatments and technology and need you to have extensive knowledge about skin and anatomy and the like. 

Types Of Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Typically, when you go in for a medical aesthetic treatment, you will be receiving either injections or some type of technological procedure, usually with lasers or without them.


There are an increasing number of injections out there, ranging from the household-known Botox to lesser known injectables among the common public like Radiesse. Injections are typically used in the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage, sagging skin, and more. They’re also used for lip fillers, under eye fillers, contouring, and more. Injections are very safe and can last for as long as a year. 

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Laser Treatments

There is a wide, wide variety of different laser treatments out there to cover an equally wide range of cosmetic concerns. Picosecond lasers are great for tattoo and acne scar removal. Some other aesthetic concerns that lasers are used for include: laser hair removal and vein reduction. Generally, the stronger and more aggressive the laser is, the faster the result, but these more intense lasers also come with longer downtimes to recover. 

Non-Laser Treatments

These are very popular in the field of medical aesthetics, as since there is no laser involved in these treatments, the downtime can be minimal, if it’s there at all. These treatments may need multiple sessions in order to see the results you want, but are definitely worth it for minimally invasive procedures. These kinds of treatments typically target blemishes, milia, aging skin, and more. They can range from facials to infusing serums into your skin to using technology.

Medical Aesthetics At Regeneration Health Medical Spa

Here at Regeneration Health Medical Spa, our trained professionals offer a variety of treatments for your aesthetic concerns. Issues that we treat include:

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Do You Want To Learn More About What Medical Aesthetics Can Do For You?

Regeneration Health Medical Spa offers premier medical aesthetic services for your cosmetic needs. If you’d like to learn more about medical aesthetics or the services we can provide you, please feel free to contact us today! 

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